Viatology is the only website in the entire universe dedicated to the science of Viatology. On this site, and nowhere else, you will be able to find the results of research conducted by dedicated Viatologists the world over. If there's something viatological, and we've investigated it, then it will be here.

Viatology Calls

What is Viatology?

Put simply, Viatology is the study of things that are wrong.

So, when you see someone using the word Viatology you know that they're talking about something which is wrong. Often, very wrong. Or lots of things which are wrong.

How did this term come to be?

People got fed up with seeing things that are wrong on the Internet. Someone handily suggested a word, viatology, which seemed to encaspulate wrongness. On further investigation, it turned out to actually mean the study of things that are wrong. At least, it does if you speak Finnish and Greek. Or know how to use Google.

What is the etymology behind viatology?

The name is derived from the Finnish word viat, which is the plural of vika, meaning "flaw, malfunction, problem", "fault" or "wrong", plus the suffix ology, meaning "pretentious appellation intended to imply that this is a real science".

What is a viatologist?

A viatologist is someone who scientifically contributes to the field of viatology. That is, they keep their eyes open for examples of things that are wrong and then study them. Viatologists can be found everywhere.

Are there international translations for the term?

Don't be stupid. It's a made-up word. You might as well try to translate "Microsoft" or "Google".

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